Negotiating a Job Offer: 5 Tips for Success

Getting a job offer can feel like the light at the end of the tunnel when you’ve been engaged in an intensive job search. However, don’t let your relief at receiving an offer cloud your judgment. 

Here are some basic tips to help you negotiate the best deal you can get.

1. Know What You’re Worth

Your value as an employee goes beyond what your current salary is. Your experience, the unique skills you bring to the table and, most importantly, what the company would be willing to pay someone like you are all factors to keep in mind when you begin to negotiate. Research as much as you can about what type of compensation others in your position are getting, and make that your goal.

2. Keep Non-Monetary Benefits in Mind

Salary is not the only consideration. Benefits, opportunities for advancement, and scheduling flexibility are all perks that work for your benefit. Where a company may fall short in salary, they can make up for in generous time off, a good relationship with management, and other factors that are difficult to quantify. Before negotiating, clarify in your own mind what is important to you in a job and how much those benefits are worth in lieu of cash.

3. Show Enthusiasm and Self-Assurance

Smiling, strong eye contact, and carrying yourself with confidence are all ways to make your position stronger during negotiations. Show them through your body language and attitude how much they stand to benefit from hiring you.

4. Be Prepared to Walk Away

Ideally, it won’t come to this, but be ready to say no if they are not willing to give you what you are worth. Even if you feel like your position is desperate, do not let it show. If the other party is aware that you are willing to walk away from the negotiations, it makes them more willing to accommodate your requests.

5. Lock in the Deal

When the negotiations are wrapping up and you’ve gotten the deal you want, make sure to lock it in before ending the conversation. Salary, benefits, and anything else that has been agreed on needs to be put in writing as soon as possible. This protects you by clarifying what terms were set and leaves no room for the company to waffle about it later.

Remember that negotiations are an expected part of accepting a job offer, and approach the discussion with confidence in your value as an employee. Potential employers will take note, putting you in a stronger position for bargaining and increasing your chances of reaching an agreement that is ideal.